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How to Easily Organize & Stay Updated on All Your Favorite Designers

By Chelle on March 20, 2013 in Get Organized

There are so many designers and stores in digiland, how do you ever keep track of it all? Well in the post I am going to share some tips for organizing all of your favorite sites, newsletters, and more!

Step 1: Create a New Email Address Just for Digital Scrapbooking Newsletters

If you are like me and love A TON of designers and want to know of all the latest updates (as well as get bonus email freebies most designers include with their newsletters) – then you absolutely will want to have a separate, dedicated email address for all of these emails! While you might be tempted to use your regular email address, you may get flooded with tons of emails each day you don’t have time to read while other messages might get lost. So, setting up a separate digiscrap email address will definitely help you avoid this problem. You can get a free email account at Yahoo, MSN, Google, Hotmail, Mail.com and several others.

Step 2: Subscribe to the RSS Feed of Your Favorite Websites

Almost every digital scrapbooking blog out there has an rss feed of some sorts or another. RSS feeds will update you of when a new blog post is published on the site. There are many ways to subscribe to an RSS feed. There are online feed readers that allow you to store and organize all your favorite blogs and websites – there are also feed readers that you download to your computer to store and organize everything for you. I personally use Thunderbird to organize all of my email and RSS feeds, which is a free open source software you can learn more about here.

Step 3: “Like” Their Page on Facebook

Nearly almost all designers and store owners offer exclusive “Fan Freebies”, coupons, and make sales announcements on Facebook, so you will of course want to follow them on FB and stay updated of the latest news and events. But there’s a caveat…sometimes Facebook doesn’t always show the posts to you, depending on how active their post and page are! Fortunately there is a solution to this (FINALLY!) – and it is to create an interest list just for all of the digital scrapbooking sites you “Liked” on Facebook  You can learn more about Facebook Interest Lists here – and there’s also a good article about taking back control over your news feeds with a tutorial on adding pages to your interest lists here. Now whenever you want to see your favorite designers news and updates in your feeds you can!

I hope this post will help you stay more organized and help you stay updated on the latest and greatest things happening in the world of digital scrapbooking. If you have any questions about organizing, feel free to ask in the comments below!

And of course, while you are organizing, don’t forget to subscribe to our rss feed or find us on Facebook (be sure to add us to your interests list so you’ll actually see our posts!).


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